New Player Low Wagering Bonus Deals - Free Play for Free Winnings

Gamblers flock to online casinos, and it's easy to see why. The colorful, well-designed games--slots, progressive jackpots, traditional and live table card games--are seemingly endless. The fluidity and compatibility of gambling site software makes navigating online casinos from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop incredibly easy. The exhilarating experience of Las Vegas is transported to gamblers, and they cannot get enough.

However, even avid, veteran online gamblers have certain attributes they look for when they are in the market for someplace new. A major attribute is the wagering requirement for welcome promo offers. Everyone searches for the highest deposit bonus, but smart, experienced gamblers know the value a bonus with reasonable playthrough policies. Not all gamblers know the importance of low wagering casino bonuses, but we are here to help. If you are a new player wondering why low wagering gambling promo codes are important, this is the guide for you.

Right before claiming any type of low wagering casino bonus, players should consider the crucial aspects of every low wagering casino bonus. Here are some of the essential ones:

  • Win Limit - Every bonus, as well as low wagering casino bonus, is previously limited by the operator. In other words, players are limited how much they're able to win before meeting the bonus T&C part. The amount is previously set by the operator and it differs from one casino to another.
  • Bet Limit - Another type of limitation is the bet limit: the operator limits the player's maximum bet. Therefore, players are not able to wager the whole offer in one hand or in a single spin. If a player is eligible to obtain bonus spins, they'll notice that every spin has a previously determined value. It’s pretty much the same with live dealer games and other table games.
  • Game Weighting - This aspect should be widely known among players, as it defines the game's contribution towards the rollover factor. In most cases, slot games contribute fully, or 100% contribution towards the playthrough, while other games have a game weighting factor ranging from 10% to 50%. It's noteworthy that these numbers are not the same everywhere, as gambling sites differ one from another.
  • Qualifying Games - While some low wagering casino bonuses can be claimed on different gaming options, other ones are tied to a strict game. For instance free spins come with limited game availability, while free cash offers contribute to table games, live dealer games, and such. In most cases operators pick which games should be tied to a certain low wagering offer.

Besides these aspects, players can follow the useful tips provided by Top10Casinos and find some of the top-tiered low wagering casinos that can undoubtedly lead to huge prizes with minimum deposit.

What Are New Player Casino Bonuses?

Before we discuss the importance of low wagering casino bonuses, we should define casino bonuses. While there are regular player casino bonuses, with loyalty rewards and points programs that lead to VIP perks, we will be focusing on the new player casino bonuses that gamblers access once they have created new member accounts. Sometimes, prospective members receive bonuses before creating an official account--a no-pressure, try-before-you-buy special. Here, we will only talk about casino bonuses or promos that are clearable after placing membership.

Casino deposit bonuses are monetary incentives for newcomers to make an account with a casino. Sometimes these bonuses are activated by bonus codes. Sometimes the promotions encompass the first few deposits, instead of just one. Many people would place memberships if only they had money to invest; many gambling sites take advantage of this by offering free money or free spins. New players often don't want risk attached to their first instances of gameplay. They want to be able to test the waters, learn more about the casino, the site, the gaming compatibility. A good online casino bonus, like a low wagering casino bonus, is more than enough of a draw to bring in long-term customers.

What constitutes a good casino bonus, if not a low wagering casino bonus? Well, that depends your needs as a new player. Are you a new member looking for a significant amount of risk up front? Or are you someone who prefers as little risk as possible in the beginning? The highest bonus amounts are the most difficult to clear, and come with the most risk. This is great for players who crave a challenge and thrive under pressure. The lowest bonus amounts promoted, while not as profitable, are also not as dangerous to the player's bank account.

The Three Types of Casino Offers

There are three main casino bonuses that you will undoubtedly find on your search: matched deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spin bonuses. Each come with benefits and caveats, but, depending on your interests, it is more than possible to find the best low wagering casino bonus for you.

low wagering + bonus

New user promotions typically give a player "free" money and benefits to jumpstart their Las Vegas experience. Matched deposit bonuses refer to a type of promotional bonus in which the house adds a percentage of the new member's original deposit on top of said deposit. In most cases, new members end up with double the amount of playing money they started with through 100% matched deposit bonuses. Matched deposit deals become great low wagering casino bonuses when fair wagering requirements are applied to them--an ideal promotion for new players. An example of a matched deposit bonus could be a 100% match for deposits up to $300. This means a member has the potential to play with $600 upon account set-up. There are low wagering casino bonuses that are matched at 50%, 100%, 150%, and even higher. They are often matched across the first few deposits. Some math is required before you make the decision to join a site and receive those new member benefits, but you'll be happy you did.

No deposit bonuses are also promotions in which new players receive "free" money. However, in this case a customer does not have to use any of their own money for the first deposit. The house gives them money or credit to play specific games until the amount is used up, or the wagering requirements have been completed. Low wagering offers of the no deposit variety are favored by gamblers in-the-know for the reduced risk of financial bankruptcy, and the fair chance of breaking even or winning more money with realistic playthrough requirements.

The last welcome type of bonus that new players typically come across is the free spin bonus. Free spin bonuses are exactly that--bonuses that include free spins on slot games. Whether for regular slots or progressive jackpots, the free spins are given to a new member, and the winnings received from those spins turns into their first deposit. Some establishments match those winnings, and some add those winnings to no deposit bonuses. In fact, the free spin bonus is almost always tacked on as part of larger new member promotions. Returning to the match deposit bonus example, an offer a new player could encounter is a 100% match for deposits up to $300 plus 50x free spins for a popular progressive jackpot game. Low wagering casino bonuses that include free spins are even more valuable than just matched or no deposit bonuses, so you should definitely pay special attention to casinos offering such multifaceted promotions.

Wagering Requirements Explained

What are wagering requirements, exactly? Well, all new member bonuses, no matter how potentially lucrative they are, come with wagering requirements to keep the casino's edge intact. The house edge is what keeps a casino afloat, and ensuring this is simply good business sense. Not to mention, real gamblers enjoy not knowing if they'll win big or lose big. No one wants to lose big, nor lose often, however.

The number of times a new user must bet their deposit balance before pocketing what they could earn is what we mean by wagering requirements. Also called playthrough policies and rollover obligations, wagering requirements keep new users betting, and in effect keep members attached to their casino. The "free" money they receive through deposit bonuses is conditional, only to be used at the casino. Without these requirements, skittish gamblers would just play a round or two of a slot game, then pocket whatever is left within the same hour they placed their membership. They may even take the bonus--some being pretty generous from the start--and run. Casinos wouldn't survive without wagering requirements.

Why Low Wagering Casino Bonuses Are the Best For New Players new player

Wagering requirements are crucial to keep the house running. However, if the establishment is trustworthy, the player's ability to win at all is always considered. There are casinos with high wagering requirements to accompany high deposit bonuses, some as high as 100x. There are 50x to 75x rollover obligations, which are better but still really hard for new players to crack. The higher the wager amount necessary to clear a bonus, the more chances players can lose whatever they win in the process. This can be discouraging for new players.

Therefore, low wagering casino bonuses, with wagering stipulations no higher than 30x, are the best new member bonuses to claim. While they help the house maintain their edge, they also give players a fighting chance to break even or earn more. Gamblers know they will not always win, but they still want to win at some point. Low wagering casino bonuses make winning possible.

Final Thoughts

If a gambling site has caught your eye, but you aren't sure if you will be able to clear the bonus with money in your pocket, there is a chance that site is not the one for you. Look for low wagering casino bonuses before becoming a new player. Those are your best bet.