Find the Best Online Real Money Casinos and Bonuses

Finding the best online casinos where you can make real money from bonuses can seem tricky. The internet is filled with hundreds of online casinos vying to be the best in the industry. As a result, it can be difficult to navigate the industry landscape to find the best options. When you are searching there are many things you should be looking for that can get complicated. Fortunately, there is no need to stress because we've outlined the basics for you below.

How to Find a Safe Real Money Casino

Finding the best online casino can be time-consuming if you're doing it by yourself. Websites such as can save a lot of hassle by pointing prospective players in the right direction. Things to consider when assessing a site should include the certification/licensing situation. No license is a major red flag, whereas licensing and regulation from the UK, Gibraltar, or Malta is reassuring. It's also worth checking to see if a site is associated with independent third party organizations such as eCOGRA.

Reliable Banking Methods for Gamblers

The two most obvious options are credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard. However, those wary of sharing bank/card details might prefer e-wallets, or pre-paid cards such as Paysafecard. Cryptocurrency fans can even use bitcoin at an increasing number of casinos. Be aware that some methods may be geographically limited, so e-wallets might be more accessible if you're from the UK rather than Canada or the USA.

When you are looking for the best online casino on the market to win real money, you should be looking for one with a plethora of deposit and withdrawal methods. Restricting yourself to one option can cause problems in the future, and having several options will give you more freedom. You can withdraw your money to different places if you wish, that is entirely up to you. However, if you play at an online casino with only one or two options you might feel restricted.

Testing Sites with a No Deposit Offer real money

Many sites offer no deposit bonuses, which can be a good way of finding the best online gaming sites without risking any of your own real money. And, if you like them, you can take advantage of offers such as match bonuses when you do deposit.

  • Free Spins - Normally tied to a particular slot, these provide a nominal amount (maybe $20-30) of free spins.
  • Free Credits - Very similar to the above bonus, but this one is linked to a specific table game (blackjack, baccarat, roulette and so on).
  • Free Money - For those who prefer flexibility, this may be the way to go. With free cash most or all games at a casino are accessible, making it a great way to try your hand at new games with zero risk.
  • Free Play - As versatile as the free cash bonus but worth more and limited to a couple of hours, or even less. When you enjoy free play and the time runs out the bonus itself goes away, but if you manage to finish in profit then you get to keep your winnings (above and beyond the initial sum).

The Best Ongoing Online Casino Bonuses

Existing players can also benefit from ongoing promotions, as the best online casinos encourage loyalty with frequent special offers.

  • Reload Bonus - Unfortunately, losing sometimes is in the nature of the beast. Reload bonuses are a way of mitigating this, as the casino returns a percentage of losses incurred (over a particular time period).
  • Loyalty Club - Amongst the most popular of promotions is the loyalty programme, which involves players earning loyalty points every time they bet. Once sufficient have been earned, they can be swapped for rewards such as free cash. These programmes are often multi-tiered, with even more prizes available for the upper echelons.
  • Referral Bonus - By referring a friend to the casino you can receive a modest reward (free cash being common). Just refer a friend and when they sign up or make an initial deposit the site will give you a bonus.

How to Turn Promos into Real Money

Getting real money out of a promotion does take a few steps. There are a couple of restrictions that need to be considered: time limits and withdrawal caps. The cap is the maximum you can withdraw for a given deal, and the time limit is the window within which the bonus is playable. Beyond these, the wagering terms (aka requirement) must also be satisfied. This is a minimum total sum that must be wagered before any withdrawal can be made. Anything in three digits should be avoided, whereas 20-30x the value of a bonus is pretty good.

Playing and Dealing with Wagering Requirements

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When you start play for real money at some of the best online casinos in the world, you will start to recognize certain terms and phrase. One of those terms is "wagering requirements." You will usually see wagering requirements attached to bonuses that you might receive from an online casino. They are restrictions put in place by the online casino to reduce the chances that a new player can walk away with a significant amount of money without ever making a deposit. That is the risk that would be in place for online gaming sites if wagering requirements were not attached to bonuses. So, although they are not great for players, wagering requirements are a necessity for online casinos.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to optimize your play and ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance to walk away with real money. To implement this strategy you will need to familiarize yourself with RTP. RTP stands for "return to player percentage," and it refers to the percentage of the time that players make back their money or better. There are games with RTPs of 97 percent and higher, so you can reliably break even playing these games. If you are using your personal funds, you should play high RTP games. However, since win rates are so high in these games, the payouts are very small. So, you cannot win much real money playing high RTP games. Instead, you need to play low RTP games if you want to win real money.

The key to managing your real money at an online casino is knowing when to take a risk on the low RTP games. The best time to do this is when you are using a bonus because you are not risking real money. Instead, all you are doing is risking the value of your bonus. Once your bonus is used up, you can switch back to high RTP games to have some fun. Now, there is not a great chance that you will walk away with a large profit while playing these RTP games, but you need to know what to do if you hit the jackpot. Many players in this position might be tempted to double down to make more real money, but this is a losing strategy. Instead, you should immediately switch over to high RTP games to secure the real money you have already won. These games will help you meet the online casinos wagering requirements, allowing you to withdraw a significant portion of your winnings.

Can a Bonus Be Used on Any Game ?

When you receive your no deposit bonus from an online casino gaming site, you will be ready to jump in and start playing immediately. If you have played at the online gaming site for a while, you might have a favorite game to play, and if you are a new player you might have a specific genre. Unfortunately, you might not be able to play your favorite game with your casino bonus. You see, every bonus comes with terms, conditions, and restrictions. Bonuses are designed to give players a taste of what the online casino has to offer, but you are not supposed to get access to everything. So, in most cases you can only play a specific set of games on the site with a bonus.

The online casino industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. People are spending more and more time at home on their computers, and they want ways to entertain themselves while making real money. There are not many ways to do that than to start playing games at one of the best online casinos on the market. You just need to be careful when picking your online gaming site. Find one with excellent bonuses with low wagering requirements, and make sure there are plenty of deposit and withdrawal options.

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